About us

What we are currently up to:
Xtreme Hiking currently provides scholarships and other items to support the participation of teens in the Tahoe Rim Trail Association Youth Backpacking program.

Future Goals
Summer 2018-Summer 2019
The money earned from the “Make Every Mile Count” will aid in the development of an Xtreme Hiking Youth Backpacking program. Our goal is to open a camp which will combine the experience of hiking and camping.

Camping and backpacking mixed in one experience is the goal of Xtreme Hiking. Teens will spend their first day learning the essentials of backpacking while completing team building/ice breaker activities finishing the day with a campfire. The second and third day will be spent backpacking and experiencing the wonders of the outdoors.

The final day the group will return back to camp for an opportunity to enjoy a campfire and group meal.

Community Served:
Xtreme Hiking has begun building relationships with youth advocacy groups and other nonprofit that focus on disadvantaged teens. Xtreme Hiking will invite teens from different partnering agencies which service teens currently in foster care or have financial difficulties that would hinder them from experiencing the outdoors from areas within 100 miles of Sacramento. Space will be limited for the first few years as the program grows.

Why we started:

Alyssa and Samantha haven’t always been happy hikers. There were times on the trail when they would complain from either tired feet or from just being bored. A few years ago, Alyssa was hiking a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail and started to complain about the hike when her father took her to an overlook and said, “How many of your friends will ever stand in this place.” Even though she was only 9, this statement had a profound impact on her because Alyssa knew the answer was none.

Alyssa was reminded again last summer when she reached the top of Mt. Whitney for the third time, that so many of her friends would never see that amazing view. It was a bitter sweet moment. Alyssa and Samantha didn’t think it was fair that most of their friends and other teens won’t experience a sense of accomplishment and freedom that comes from hiking! When they returned to school their classmates we’re excited to hear about Alyssa and Samantha’s journey on the John Muir Trail and the hike to the top of Mt. Whitney. They both saw the interest of exploring the outdoors was there but the resources were not.

Alyssa and Samantha thought it was time to do something, to do their part and make a difference. They convinced their father and friends Brian and Patrick to help start a nonprofit. Xtreme Hiking’s goal is simple – provide the resources to get teens outdoors! Xtreme Hiking’s mission is to expose socioeconomically disadvantaged teens to the outdoors. We want teenagers to have the opportunity to experience the fresh air and learn first hand the importance of our natural resources. As a nonprofit, Xtreme Hiking pledges to provide scholarships, hiking gear and support youth programs that aid in the understanding of preserving, protecting and exploring our natural resources. The Xtreme Hiking team will also help develop and fund programs that encourages the exploration of national parks. We want teenagers to have their own Xtreme Hiking experience!
You can do your part by either donating to our fundraiser: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/making-every-mile-count-getting-teens-outdoors